The BitCoinSV (BSV) App Store, onchain & community curated. Add BSV apps yourself and earn BitcoinSV when people upvote them! Remember you can always find all the best BSV apps on the onchain community curated appstore at BSVapps.Net You can also add your own apps and earn bsv when others upvote them! On the onchain & community curated BitCoin BSV App Store: - anyone can add new entries and vote on them with their BSV - you can then rank the apps by money or by votes - which is interesting because the money-based ranking is resistant to spam & vote manipulation. Want to earn BSV by contributing ? Since is community curated, you can add new apps yourself & earn BSV when people upvote your entries. How ? Go below the entries, and click “submit new link”, enter a title, a link & a short description and click add, it’s that simple! Now share the appstore to your friends. Some stats, as of February 2020: - 73 BSV apps were added by the community - they received 271 votes - people voted on them with more than $200 of bsv - the best ranking app by money is : Baemail : Paid Emails Onchain Before Anything Else mails: send and receive messages between paymails. Your inbox is sorted by highest value. It presents you with messages which are worth your time, removing distractions. - the best ranking app by number of votes is : Cityonchain a new on-chain information center organized around cities. Build your city on BSV ! This application store allows anyone to contribute both on adding apps & ranking them, which has the benefit that you don’t have to rely on only one person to update it regularly & you can contribute to help other users and earn some BSV as a reward. Here is a list of all the apps listed as of february 13, 2020: RelayX - Superwallet The Bitcoin wallet you can use anywhere. Game Platform built on BSV, leveraging micro-payment capability of SV network. ImmortalSV Immortalize websites on Bitcoin (BSV) Centbee Centbee is a user friendly Bitcoin SV mobile wallet that allows transacting with Bitcoin SV resolve browser extension Get a BSV address for $handle, 1handle or Paymail sCrypt Smart Contract Language sCrypt is a high-level smart contract language for Bitcoin SV. Hand Cash This app is a mobile wallet and a play store for Bitcoin related apps bitpic Your own avatar on bitcoin, forever. MetaLens The Comment Section of the Metanet. MetaLens allows anyone to comment on any url. The comments are stored on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. All comments are funded by a public faucet, so you don't need BSV or even a wallet to participate. BSV NEWS Hacker News for BSV where you earn real money. SporeStack VPS Accountless API-driven VPS hosting for BSV Opassum The On-Chain Vault Password Manager Bit.SV a new content network that lets anyone earn money from their interests. KaChingCards Contactless Bitcoin Transactions BSVcommunity the #1 Destination for Bitcoin Collaborators. BSVrun online multiplayer strategic equity game TrueDEX Use Bitcoin to trade leveraged derivatives of all financial markets including cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, forex and commodities. BSVRUN Monopoly-like multiplayer dice and land-buying "strategic equity" game. Loggeru The simplest way to log file changes to the BSV blockchain. Store, retrieve, share or encrypt. Plus, there are no fees beyond miner requirements. A communication and media platform powered by micropayments. Hello world! DuckCreation Demo Demo of game to hatch duck eggs based on Bitcoin SV transactions. Codugh - Developer API Marketplace Earn money from your API when it's used. For developers, by developers. Haichan an imageboard that runs entirely on the BSV blockchain. Bitkey register your paymail on the blockchain, which then can be used by any bitcoin apps. MedioPay earn money by adding a one-click WordPress paywall to your content Simply Cash app Best BSV wallet TonicPow Offers Earn BSV for sharing things you like. Offer BSV for sharing your product or service. Encrypt and upload file on the Bitcoin Blockchain It is still under construction. DM to @ecatdotmedia on twitter to show early interest. TrueReviews The place for high-quality reviews! A review platform that is powered by Bitcoin to incentivize better reviews for any location on Google Maps. TrueReviews allows businesses to issue rewards to encourage feedback from their customers. BitQ&A get paid BSV for answering questions or ask new ones RateSV Financial Data with Metanet. Minute Level Financial exchange rate data recording and query platform. Purchase once, own forever UptimeSV uptime monitoring system: monitor your services from real users or run a node on your phone to start earning BSV Handcash Kick ass BSV wallet Centbee Kickass BSV wallet PixelSV A Bitcoin (BSV) powered online multiplayer graffiti painting game. Inspired by, Reddit Place and the million dollar homepage. Wheedl a Bitcoin-powered social network just for memes! Earn cash when your followers Like or Comment! BIP39 Tool A web tool for converting BIP39 mnemonic codes SymRe URL shortener stored on the Bitcoin (BSV) network and accessable to everyone forever ! audioB a platform for music artists and podcasters to share their works and get paid from their audience using moneybutton Terminus Terminus is a Metanet/BSV based Q&A community inspired by Stack Overflow using moneybutton. Curiosity & knowledge are stored onchain & incentivized. You can ask a question for 5c or post an answer for 2c, in both cases every activity related rewards you BSV. nChain nChain is the global leader in advisory, research, and development of blockchain technologies. Our mission is to leverage global trade through blockchain-driven solutions. Bitcoin SV reflects our mission by fulfilling the vision of Bitcoin, and is the blockchain capable of providing the universal database. Our research, technology, industry partnerships, and investments will ignite the potential of Bitcoin SV, and re-invent the business world. Coingeek News outlet for Bitcoin Satoshi vision Money train Multiplayer competitive 2D snake like game Fighting for money Most skilled players will win the most money 1 Life is $0.03 Preserve Deploy websites to the blockchain Preserve Bit:// Deploy websites to the blockchain BitProof PDF Convert URLs and files from various formats to PDF BitProof apps index My Bitcoin (BSV) ideas put in practice. This is my proof of work. TweeTwe Connect your Twetch account to your Twitter feed Automatically tweet all your twetches, link back, increase profit and grow the network RemindMeThisTwetch I will remind you about important twetches Check if that controversial and bold opinion played out as stated by it's author Or use this app as a reminder tool to send yourself a message in the future Playbetr Online Casino and Sports Betting Online Casino and Sport Betting, accept BSV for deposits and withdrawals (together with other alts). If you want to register through my referral is 5¢ space a Metanet inspired classified ad board where users can buy, sell and trade. HugeBlock BSV Search Enter text to be searched in the BSV blockchain. Blockchain Poker Play online poker with BSV, BCH or BTC. Get 100 free satoshis for joining! Quality content on free and paid blog site driven by moneybutton MetaHandle Entry points for Humans to Blockchain Data. Set a keyword, get a transaction id. PeerGame BSV-based games with no registration, instant payouts, and fairness. Lottery , turtle race, etc Etched an internet archive tool that permanently timestamps and stores web pages directly into the Bitcoin BSV blockchain. TonicPow Tonics are peer to peer advertisements. Monetise your site and earn Bitcoin (SV) directly from advertisers. Promote your product with ease or raise money with crowd funding Tonics. Cityonchain a new on-chain information center organized around cities. Build your city on BSV ! BitPaste Store and share text and files on the Bitcoin (SV) blockchain, at the swipe of a button. Agora A Public Square for the 21st. Century. Log in from anywhere in the world to see your customizable profile page with your favorite BSV apps and bookmarks. Bico.Media Add any file to the BSV blockchain & display it as a web page BuyBSV The fastest way to buy BSV with a credit card or bank transfer in 3 safe, easy steps. Money Button a simple way to make or accept payments over the internet with the click of a button. Payments cost less than one cent and are nearly instant. FiveBucks "Fiverr for BSV". Global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely for only $5, paid in BSV. Bitmesh Email On-Chain E-mail, the first Email app based on Bitcoin SV/ Metanet Codeonchain "github on the metanet". Upload repositories to metanet Streamanity "youtube for BSV". An ad-free video streaming platform built to help creators monetize their content directly from viewers. Bitstagram "Instagram onchain". The world's first Bitcoin Native photo app that lets you take a photo on your mobile phone and upload it to the blockchain. Polynym Simple BSV address resolution for HandCash, RelayX and PayMail handles. Enter a $handle, 1handle or PayMail and it will generate the bitcoin address to send to & display the QR code OYO "google for BSV". Oyo is a search engine for the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Metabox "google-drive/dropbox onchain". On-Chain Storage Drive. WeiBlock read & publish content directly on the BSV blockchain. "the Twetch competitor from china" Twetch "onchain Twitter", Twetch is an app that enables you to earn money for your content, directly from the people who liked it — all on the blockchain. Twetch is the interface to bitcoin. Baemail : Paid Emails Onchain Before Anything Else mails: send and receive messages between paymails. Your inbox is sorted by highest value. It presents you with messages which are worth your time, removing distractions.